By now, you would have seen the social media call-to-actions, ‘visit your nearest showroom today,’ or something along those lines. You’ve been watching some awesome TV commercials showcasing all the cool stuff, and at the end, encouraging you to visit a store near you. And we all know what a blessing online shopping has been. So why is it so important to visit a showroom before making an important purchase? Why do you need to do the physical visit when online is right there?

Well, there are a couple of reasons, starting with inspiration.


Be Inspired

It’s one thing to visualise your dream kitchen or bathroom, but to actually see it is another. Visiting a showroom can change your entire perspective – it gives you a great indication of how your space will look and makes it easier to spot any alterations that need to be made. It’s also necessary to experience products before you purchase them. And as the old saying goes, seeing is believing.


Touch & Feel

With all good things in life, first-hand experience always wins. When visiting one of our showrooms, you don’t just get to see the product and the quality, you get to feel it too; it’s much easier to test things like functionality and also play with the idea of different finishes.



This should go without saying. Style, pricing, availability; It’s just so much easier to explore your options in a showroom – and let us tell you this, the options and possibilities are endless. There are usually more options available, more colours to choose from, more add ons to include in your comparison.

Expert Advice

Have all your questions answered on the spot. You get to run through your ideas with industry experts who are more than happy to offer any design tips or advice to help you create the space of your dreams. At Richmond, both our showrooms have ensured that all staff are trained and given industry knowledge so that they can be at your beck and call when you are walking through a showroom searching for answers.


So there you have it, for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel, don’t allow yourself to be limited by online shopping or your imagination – visit one of our showrooms in Glenashley or Ballito.