The year has just begun, and bathroom experts are already discussing what bathroom trends we can expect to see this year. There are many ways to make your bathroom stand out, from natural materials to zellige tiles. You can highlight your bathroom with metallic elements or keep it green with beautiful plants.

Make a Statement with a Standout Bath

Freestanding bathtubs create a spa-like ambience and an air of luxury. In many master baths, they have also taken centre stage. Considering this, it is understandable that designers have refined tub designs even more. This focal point is growing more and more fascinating. Year after year, new opportunities are made possible by developing new materials.

Because of this, we’ll witness innovative bathtub designs that reinvent well-known classics. Transparent bathtubs will be eye-catching, and mindful customs will permeate time-tested favourites. For example, a tub might adopt the rounded shape of a Japanese teacup. Either design will provide a straightforward but significant decorative component.

We Are Keen to go Green

Fresh greens will always be a favourite, and their appeal is growing yearly. We’re focusing in on the specifics as a result. More specifically, plants that thrive in a humid, almost tropical environment are highlighted. However, not just any bloom or sprout would suffice. More elaborate plants that do well in the shade will be shown. Consider majestic palm, air plants, Paphiopedilum orchids, or even a miniature version of your favourite tree.

Surround Yourself with Natural Materials

In 2023, say farewell to synthetic basins and vanities. Instead, according to Alice Arterberry and Barrett Cooke of Arterberry Cooke, bathrooms will incorporate more natural and imperfect materials. “Warm, inviting bathrooms are a must-have for 2023. That means using natural materials like tumbled, brush, or honed stone, wood, and handmade tiles like zellige.”

Interior designer, Francesca Grace of Francesca Grace Home, sees stone and travertine basins as a significant part of this. “The basin is such a big opportunity to do something special in the bathroom and installing a stone bathroom basin can really define the space and make a beautiful statement.”

Zellige Tile

Take it from Hunter Carson Design’s Mandy Gregory: The hand-cut mosaic tiles known as “zellige tile,” which are noted for their exquisite imperfections, will be used in bathroom designs in the upcoming year. Even if you keep the rest of your bathroom’s design plain and uncomplicated, its charming imperfections give texture, character, and a focus point.

“The handmade tile brings warmth, comfort, and cosiness to bathrooms without compromising style. It melds organic texture and natural colour—think white, blue, and other tones—to both primary bathroom suites and powder rooms,” Gregory says. “Bathrooms are often light-deprived spaces, so this is also a great way to keep it from getting too dark, especially if your bathroom has small or no windows. Zellige can create light without the sterility of more common bathroom finishes.”

Tasteful Terrazzo Floors and Walls

One of the top bathroom tile trends for 2023 is terrazzo, which continues to make an astonishing comeback. In addition to being offered in practically every colour, its distinctive stone flecks are available in various sizes. Although each terrazzo design is distinct, they are all equally beautiful.

Its durability and ease of upkeep ensure that it remains one of the greatest bathroom tile designs to copy. Additionally, there will be more terrazzo furnishings. This means that even if renovations aren’t on your list, you may still add a distinctive pop.

Shimmer With Metallic Elements

Among the trends for 2023’s master bathrooms, hardware and fixtures are in the focus. To provide a warm contrast to the starkness of a tiled bathroom, go for softened metallics like brushed or champagne gold. Feel free to stick with a single metallic finish, too; mixed metals are increasingly becoming more popular.

Mixing metallic textures in a place used to be frowned upon since it would be too discordant. Today, however, deliberately combining metallics generates contrast and visual intrigue. And the bathroom is the best place to achieve that artistic, modern, and fashionable style. It’s a terrific opportunity to experiment with mixed metallics with all of those fixtures in the room.

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