We’ve all heard it before. They say that a change is as good as a holiday and seeing that we can’t always go on holiday, all of us at Richmond have decided to add change to our two showrooms in a very big way. This year saw both our Glenashley and Ballito showrooms go under a glorious revamp, ending with two immaculate stores that exude all things G O O D | B E T T E R | B E S T .

And what’s a revamp without a little showcasing. We’ve selected some of the best elements of each of our showrooms and have put them on display for your perusal and enjoyment. So, take a load off during your day today and wander through the gallery of each of our showrooms below.







We have loved this change, and if we are being totally honest, coming to work these days at these two stunning showrooms as our offices feels more and more like a holiday. We can’t deny that we are feeling inspired and ready to take on the final part of the 2019 with as much passion as when we started this year. Turns out the saying really is true – a change really is as good as a holiday.

Before you go why don’t you go take a turn past last month’s blog where we discussed the pro’s of visiting a showroom. Even though you’ve gotten to have a small taste of what has changed and what has been updated at our Ballito and Glenashley showrooms, we can’t stress enough the importance of seeing the product or item that you would like to purchase in person. Don’t dismiss the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with any of our accommodating floor staff that have years of experience and knowledge in their field. We are always here to help you get the very best of what you want.


R I C H M O N D | G O O D | B E T T E R | B E S T