There’s no denying it: luxury feels good. I mean, it literally feels good. Compare the feeling of slipping between 800 percale Egyptian cotton sheets to that of getting into bed with a set of bargain basement polyester linen. Or of putting on a cashmere sweater versus a scratchy old jersey that wouldn’t know a natural fibre if it bit it on the nose. Luxury also feels good psychologically. When you climb in to your shiny, still-smells-like-a-new-car Porsche, you feel like a million Dollars. And when you walk through the front door of your expensive house in an exclusive neighbourhood, you undoubtedly feel a sense of pride, satisfaction and happiness at having achieved a level of success that allows you to indulge your love of luxury, and the finer things in life, to this degree. It’s the same with luxury bathrooms. There is something more than a little thrilling about walking into a bathroom that oozes opulence, serenity and unashamed luxury.

So what is it in our psyche that makes this so? Dr Yuri Seo from the University of Auckland believes that our love of luxury stems from the ideas we have about ourselves, which in turn influence how we behave as consumers. Entity theorists – those who believe their personality and traits are unchangeable – love luxury items because they allow them to buy into improvements in status and value that they don’t believe they can make in themselves. Incremental theorists are more interested in design, durability and innovation, so are more likely to buy luxury tech, appliances and home décor items.

Whichever group you fall into, one thing is clear – the reasons we buy luxury goods are all related to the strong emotions we attach to expensive material goods. Whether we can afford them or not, we purchase luxury items to make us feel good, and to reward ourselves for our achievements.

An experiment carried out by Fast Company, a leading international business media brand, showed sales of Unilever’s mass-market shampoo brand, Suave, skyrocketed when the product changed its name to Evaus (Suave spelt backwards), had an expensive-looking packaging makeover, and got slapped with a premium price tag! Based on the results of this fascinating experiment, Fast Company came to one pretty game-changing conclusion:

Luxury is a state of mind, not a brand or a price point.


Luxury Bathrooms – Tapping Into Our Need For Nice

A survey by Deloitte revealed that luxury spending is focused on the self. This is especially true of Millennials, who, the survey found, buy luxury goods to please themselves, not to impress others, or to mimic influencers or celebrities. They are also highly quality conscious, naming it as the single most important attractor to a brand.

Luxury bathroom brands such as Kohler, Grohe, Dornbracht and Franke, are known for their quality, longevity, and unique, innovative design, making them infinitely appealing to those looking for luxury that lasts.


When we step inside our beautiful bathroom, it’s as though we’ve escaped from the world and discovered an oasis of peace and calm. A refuge from our hectic and chaotic lives. The simple, classic designs of today’s modern and luxurious bathrooms inspire serenity and tranquillity. We emerge from them feeling rejuvenated and refreshed – both physically and emotionally.


What Are The Defining Elements Of Beautiful Bathrooms?

Luxury is not always easy to define, and when it comes to luxury bathrooms, it’s definitely more of a feeling than a specific element. But there are still, undoubtedly, certain elements that contribute towards this feeling of luxury.



Space is always synonymous with luxury – even if it’s more the illusion of space than actual square meterage. Clean lines, classic pieces and minimalist design all create a feeling of luxurious space.



Finishes And Textures

Think wallpaper, tiles, stone-clad showers…finishes and textures play an important role in how luxurious a bathroom feels. Natural materials such as stone and bamboo can be used to great effect to contrast with man-made materials such as chrome and stainless steel.

Science Rocks


A Breathtaking View

Inertia Home

Most bathrooms lack large windows – either because there isn’t enough wall space, or there’s the problem of privacy. So when a bathroom boasts huge windows such as this one, the feeling of luxury is immediate.


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