It Is the one room that get’s the most traffic coming through it in your home, and this room is your lovely kitchen. Whether it’s making meals for the family or having the kids do their homework on the counter, the kitchen is the heart of any home. So why not make it the center of attention, the loving heart of the home, by adding some upgraded style, design, and colour to it.

When researching the trends for 2020, we noticed that even though your classic black and white trends are still holding strong for the year to come, the usage of colour in kitchens as a theme is gaining traction – and we are here for it! Here are our favourite colour-filled kitchens:


Yellow Pastel Hue

Green Pastel Hue

The pastel and muted hues are an ideal choice if you are wanting to create a relaxing environment in your kitchen. The usage of these softer tones in the images here give these kitchens a fresh feeling, and really draws on the country home/farm house aesthetic. These hues have the ability to make your kitchen feel like a welcoming hug to anyone who enters your home. Plus, both of these kitchens have beautiful butler sinks which we absolutely love!




Orange Aesthetic

Blue Aesthetic

What we love about these two colour choices is that they are bold and strong, but their tone doesn’t overpower the kitchen. This is a perfect example on how to choose a striking colour that still let’s the kitchen do the talking while the colour acts like the microphone. Paired with the right finishing’s, these colours can wake up any old room.



With the array of colours that are now on the market, you are bound to find your dream colour for your dream kitchen. Stay up to date with all our latest products and news by following us on Facebook and Instagram!