An Eco-Friendly Solution: GROHE BLUE helps say goodbye to plastic bottles

GROHE BLUE helps say goodbye to plastic bottles by providing a bottle-less eco-friendly solution. There is always a pile-up of beverage crates and plastic bottles in the storage room. Besides the apparent waste caused by plastic bottles, did you know that up to seven litres of water are needed to produce one litre of bottled water? Seems a bit counter-intuitive considering that we are using more water to create the container used to package the water. GROHE offers an innovative approach to reducing the number of plastic bottles – on average around 800 per year for a family of four – in the home to a minimum with its GROHE Blue water system: filtered, chilled and even sparkling water directly from the kitchen tap. Just like that, the dragging of bottle crates becomes a thing of the past; and with high-quality glass bottles for home and fresh, chilled drinking bottles for on the go, there is nothing to stop you from avoiding plastic bottles in your everyday life.