2023 brings exciting developments for bathroom designs, and if you’re looking for some bathroom ideas and inspiration for upcoming renovations and upgrades, this year is an excellent place to start.

The Covid-19 pandemic set off a switch where people almost retreated into their bathrooms as safe havens and sanctuaries of retreat. Whilst the spa trend for home bathrooms doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, we are certainly sensing a bolder, higher energy trend heading for bathroom designs this year.

We have our feelers out in the industries, and 2023 is the year for bold colours, fun patterns, and creative mixing and matching, and we are here for it!

Light Up Your World!

Bathroom lighting has never really been of a BIG focus, but 2023 is the year to aim the spotlight on going bigger and brighter. Bathroom lighting is no longer just going to be about setting the ambience with warmer lighting tones; it’s time to make a statement with your light fittings.

Once again, bold comes in strong here, with decorative lighting fixtures being a massive hit. Low-drooped exquisite light fittings are coming in strong throughout the rest of the home. Why not add a pop of statement to your bathroom – colour is welcome here too!

Go Bold and Expressive!

Bold tiles with geometric lines and mixed patterns are said to be a big feature in bathrooms in 2023. There’s even talk of mixing and matching different tiles to create unique and expressive statements and feature walls.

Colour? The trend of a dash of matte black or a pop of gold is still in this year, but we will definitely see a bit more of bringing brighter colours in. Incorporating colour elements through tiles, wall paints, wallpaper, or even window coverings will be massive. The bathroom is going to be a space to express your unique self, and there is no better way to do that than through colour.

Walk-In Showers Are Here to Stay!

We are really excited that walk-in shower designs are here to stay! 2023 will be seeing more investment into indulgent showering experiences. While bathing has always been viewed as the luxury relaxation time, people will likely be seen investing more into creating exotic and luxurious shower experiences within their homes.

Saving water and revitalising body, mind, and soul – one shower at a time.

A Touch of Nature!

Natural wood elements like antique bathroom vanities and cabinets are going to make a ‘come back’ in 2023, or so we hear. We are also seeing a great move towards other natural wood elements being used in the bathroom, such as hanging baskets as light features and woven bathroom cabinet door features becoming more prominent than ever before.

Keeping Things Bare!

Brass taps are going to be an impressive focus this year! The subtle design features of brass taps in the home bathroom make for a bold and impressive statement. While offering incredibly long lifespans, brass taps add a unique look and feel to the bathroom and will work with just about any 2023 design trends.

Colourful Sinks?

This one we head towards cautiously. While bold colour is certainly going to make headway for itself in bathrooms this year, are we going to go as far as coloured sinks and basins? We’d rather safely rest on the idea of matte black basin mixers for the bathroom sink – simple yet luxuriously modern, adding enough of a statement and pairing beautifully with brass bathroom taps and mixers.


Whichever trends you choose to follow when renovating your bathroom, there are so many bathroom ideas for 2023, and you could pick and choose whichever elements best suit your home and desires. The best part about the 2023 bathroom design trends is that mixing and matching are big features. A year of fun and inspiration lies ahead for you and your bathroom, and we are here to help along the journey.

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