Bathroom Butler

There is nothing like a hot towel to welcome you after a bath or shower.

The basic principle of DET Technology is explained with a special purpose heating wire that is thread through the bars of the rail, reaching optimum working temperature within 10-15 minutes of being switched on.

In great contrast to fluid-filled technology which uses a small element to heat the fluid within the tubes and takes up to one and a half hours for the fluid to circulate and distribute the heat within the rail.

Dry Element Technology or DET offers several features and benefits including Rapid Heating, Direct Intelligent Heating, Dual Entry electrical Connection, Energy Efficiency and Temperature Adjustment.


Takes 10-15 minutes to heat up
Uses 60 Watts of electricity = a standard light bulb
Left-hand vertical post does not heat up to further reduce electricity consumption
Temperature can be adjusted through the built-in controllers
No Fluid = No Leaking
100% Serviceable
Upside Down Installation
Quiet Operation
Maintenance Free
Dual Entry electrical connection

Image and information credited to Bathroom Butler.

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