Christmas is around the corner, and we have put together a wish list of must-have products to make your life that much easier. So read on and see which products you will be adding to your Christmas wish list.

Ultimate Refreshment

We all benefit from and appreciate the convenience of drinking water straight from the tap daily. Most of us are content to use it for cooking and making tea and coffee, but when drinking a glass of water, we frequently find ourselves reaching for a bottle of mineral water since the taste bothers us—neither particularly practical nor particularly sustainable.

If you purchase a GROHE Blue water system, you’ll have immediate access to a continuous supply of superb-tasting, freshly filtered water. GROHE Blue is as simple to operate as a regular kitchen tap and combines the contemporary appearance of a designer tap with a high-performance filter, cooler, and carbonator.

To combine hot and cold tap water, use the right lever on the tap as usual. The left rotary knob with an integrated coloured LED display controls the carbonic acid concentration of the filtered and cooled water. The tap features two distinct internal waterways—one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water—and is finished in GROHE StarLight® chrome.

Save Water and Time

The days of wasting time and water by running the shower for a few minutes before getting in to adjust the tap mixer to the proper temperature are long gone. The everyday struggle is replaced with the simplicity and comfort of perfectly heated water that arrives promptly and every time, thanks to thermostatic shower mixers.

The GROHE Thermostatic Shower Mixer quickly delivers preheated water at the ideal temperature. You need to manually adjust between hot and cold-water degrees with a standard single lever tap. This innovative water-saving technique does not require this. Just turn it on, enter, and indulge.

The thermostatic mixer maintains a constant temperature during your shower for the utmost comfort and convenience.

Every Drop is Wonderful

Water provides vitality to your kitchen; it’s not just something that flows from the tap. Water that has been properly filtered is essential for healthy living and should be used for drinking as well as for cooking, cleaning, and preparing. With the Franke Neptune Filterflow, you can be sure that every drop is as pure as possible and will be excellent.

More Choice, More Space

A food waste disposer unit may be a beautiful, long-lasting addition to any kitchen if precautions are taken. Small amounts of organic waste, such as fruit and vegetable peels, small fish and poultry bones, coffee grounds, pips and seeds, nutshells, eggshells, rice, and leftover meat, can be handled by food waste disposer units. Avoid flushing teabags, shellfish shells, maize cobs, banana skins, pineapple leaves, metal, glass, plastic, or paper down the unit to avoid any issues. Use a few drops of lemon juice instead of drain cleaner to keep things smelling fresh and clean.

Food waste in the kitchen is messy and inconvenient and can lead to hygiene problems. In addition, fish, meat, and dairy products can spoil quickly, resulting in many germs and insects – particularly in a warm environment. A Turbo Elite series food waste disposer is the simple, convenient, and hygienic answer.

Five different garbage disposal options are available to clear the kitchen of unsightly and unsanitary organic household trash. Each unit is a crucial accessory for maintaining the spotless appearance of all Franke work surfaces and appliances. Franke Turbo Elite Waste Disposal Units have the most torque per kilogramme of any of their kind thanks to a permanent magnet motor, which allows them to quickly attain high speed. Food waste is instantaneously dissolved into tiny particles that can be readily flushed through the plumbing system while water runs through the appliance.

Be Kind to Yourself

  • Use less water, save on electricity
    Used bath towels should be washed immediately to prevent bacterial growth, increasing water and energy usage. Using a heated towel rail from Bathroom Butler to dry your bath towels after each use is a smarter solution that will result in less laundry and water conservation.
  • A design feature that uses less wall space
    It will take less area than you would have imagined to make a heated towel rail the focal point of your bathroom. Towels on heated towel rails should be folded twice to save space, trap heat, and dry hygienically, unlike towels on non-heated rails, which should be totally unfolded to try air drying.
  • Hygienically dry
    When your bath towels don’t dry completely, germs and bacteria accumulate, giving them a musty, wet scent. The bacterial load is reduced by up to 90% when drying your towel on a heated towel rail from Bathroom Butler, making the after-shower search for a clean towel a simple delight.
  • Energy efficient
    Dry Element Technology, or DET, is used by Bathroom Butler heated towel rails to provide faster heat-up times, reaching the ideal temperature in just one minute. They are also inexpensive to operate because an average-sized heated rail uses the same amount of power as one light bulb.

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