If you live in a flat or a townhouse, there’s a good chance you have a very small kitchen. Which isn’t a problem if you live on McDonalds and wine and don’t really need to cook in it.

However, for those of us who would like the option to create culinary delights for friends and family, here are a few ways to make smart use of your tiny space.

Install hooks

In the absence of drawers, hooks are a quick and clever way of storing items that you use often. You’ll be surprised at how many vertical surfaces can be used to hang a collection of kitchen goodies – from strainers to oven mitts, cheese graters to trays.

The magic of magnets

A smart magnetic strip on your wall takes up very little room. But, it makes for some really simple storage for knives and other metal utensils. This is great for items that you use often and makes cleaning up and packing away a cinch.

Store smart

There are some things that you use every day (coffee mugs!) and some that see infrequent use. The blender, your mother’s flowery casserole dish, and your waffle maker can all be stored up high in those little spaces between your cupboards and your ceiling. That way they don’t take up valuable counter space.

Use your oven

Baking sheets, cooling racks, and other cookware can be tucked safely away in the oven when it’s not in use. It’s the perfect size for these objects and having them all together makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for then you need it.

Wall storage

Nothing clutters up a small kitchen like a full countertop. Why not source some clever wall-mounted storage solutions to keep things off the worktop? Spices, handheld mixers and chopping boards can be squirreled away when not in use, but still just an arms-length away.

A teeny kitchen can be a challenge to work in, but super-fast to clean if you’re organised and systematic. Use a little imagination and shop around for some compact storage ideas and have some fun with it.