You know the drill. When guests say that they’re coming over, the first place we usually go to straighten things up is not the bathroom. We’re straightening up the scatter cushions in the living room and we’re wiping down the counters in the kitchen in preparation for the impending visit. The last place that you think of attending to is your bathroom. And when you think that this is the one room in your home that everyone who visits you will use at some stage or other, it really should be the first room you neaten up. But it’s hard to neaten up a bathroom that is a little outdated or in need of some TLC. No amount of wiping and tidying up will save you there.

It’s on that note that we rounded up some great ideas on how to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank. Read on to see what we have highlighted as most important to consider, if your bathroom and toilet are together in one room.


Outdated, Wobbly Tap Fittings

Is the tap on the basin in your lavatory a little bit dull. Does it show that you’ve never paid much attention to your bathroom or lavatory by the fact that the taps are a little bit wobbly and ill-fitted? A quick replacement of your tap fittings is a quick and inexpensive way of upgrading your bathroom. Find the right fit in size and style and you are on your way to a winning bathroom experience for your guests. No more tightening your tap to death to make sure no leaking takes place. New taps that fit well, and that look usable, can remove any awkward disclaimers that you would need to tell your guests before they use your bathroom facility.

The SONY DSC bathroom tap.

Overused and Faded Bath Mats

At the end of the day, your bathroom is just that. A room used for bathing. And if your toilet is fitted into the same room as your bathing facilities, be sure to pay attention to the other pieces in your bathroom, like old, overused and faded bath mats. Upgrading your bath mat will do wonders for your bathroom. If you’re tired of bathmats, try investing in a wooden bath mat. Adding a new texture to the bathroom can also help bring a more living feeling to the space. Plus, it never get soggy. And to us, that is truly a winner idea!


Clean Windows and Mirror

Sounds rather simple, doesn’t it? But investing in a good window cleaner that you can use on your mirrors is the quickest way to make a room look brighter and neater. Also invest in a little personal routine, where you get into the habit of cleaning your bathroom mirror and windows regularly.


Adding Plants to Bring Life Into The Space

It’s no secret that adding a little greenery to a room, goes a very long way. Plants help bring life to a dull and dead space. Invest in some indoor plants that are easy to maintain, and that love being in small spaces. For the best advice, chat to your local nursery for ideas on what plants to buy. You’ll be surprised how many plants don’t need direct sunlight and continuous water to grow and be happy. In fact, add this upgrade tip to your entire house. Adding plants to any empty corner will bring your home more life.


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