Want to update the look of your kitchen with a few quick and easy elements? Or perhaps you’re building a brand new home? Either way, if you’re planning a kitchen refresh in any way, shape or form, then it pays to stay up to date with the latest kitchen design trends. And love them or hate them, but the two-tone kitchen is one design trend that’s here to stay.

Contemporary and chic, done right, a two-tone colour scheme can serve a purpose and enhance a space in a number of different ways…

  1. Well grounded. If you’re keen on a light and airy feel, then darker lower cabinets, whether painted or wood, might be the way to go. They’ll serve to anchor and ground your kitchen, while the light upper cabinets will create the sense of space you’re looking for. Plus, they’ll be easier to keep clean!
  2. Bridge the gap. Talking about staying grounded, darker wood or painted tones on lower cabinets create a buffer between darker floors and lighter walls, providing a visual transition between the wall units and the flooring.
  3. Keep it cozy. In contrast to the more popular “light on top” colour scheme, dark cabinets on top and lighter ones on the bottom can help to make a kitchen feel more cozy and inviting if you’re struggling to make your large kitchen feel like the heart of the home.
  4. In focus. In a world of the ever popular white, grey or neutral colour schemes, a striking feature wall or brilliant centre island will create a focal point, drawing the eye and unifying any other areas of colour in the kitchen, such as the backsplash
  5. Modern appeal. Sleek and slick, glossy, acrylic base cabinets add a contrasting, reflective note to modern, streamlined kitchens, but teamed with matt upper cabinets, they create an interesting mix of textures that draw you in.
  6. Spice it up. As much as neutral tones and natural textures are firm favourites at the moment, bright splashes of colour and bold colour choices will fill a room with energy and drama.
  7. Light and dark. For a graduated two-tone effect, start with your wall colour and then choose a slightly darker shade for your kitchen cabinets, centre island or even your backsplash and tiles.
  8. Barely there. For a tranquil, serene effect, try different shades of the same colour or mix creamy white with pale dove grey for a cool, classic look that’ll stand the test of time.

With so many different types of wood and beautiful colours available these days, let your imagination go wild and have some fun mixing and matching before you start your kitchen renovation!