This month we give thanks for all the modern products that make our lives that much simpler. Technology really has come a long way, and our daily lives definitely benefit from it. So, let’s see what great products are waiting for you.

More than Mere Reflection

There should be a lighted mirror in every bathroom, whether it be a large family bathroom or a guest bathroom. Such mirrors are more than just useful accessories; they offer the chance to make a personal statement without sacrificing style, usability, or comfort. In addition to being in perfect harmony with one another, bathroom mirrors and the lighting that goes with them should be simple to use while minimising glare and mist.

An integrated sensor guarantees that the mirror and the accompanying light can be operated contactlessly and offers two practical operating systems. On the mirror’s surface, there is a contactless control panel that can regulate the main light, ambient light, light temperature, and mirror heating. Hygienic contactless control also keeps undesirable fingerprints off the surface.

Duravit uses contemporary technology to develop computer simulations to accurately calculate the light extraction in order to guarantee the highest illumination at all times. The use of carefully chosen LEDs with consistently excellent luminous efficiency and a service life of at least 30 years is guaranteed. Each product and model has a unique spacing need that is designed specifically for the LEDs on the circuit boards.

These stunning mirrors from Duravit come with the following features:

  • Anti-mist mirror heating for enhanced comfort
  • Hygienic operation
  • Glare-free lighting alongside optimum illumination
  • Approved quality for wet rooms
  • Smart app control for selected models

A Practical Bidet Toilet

The shower-toilet combines the functions of a bidet and a toilet. After using the restroom, a user can thoroughly and precisely clean with water from an extendable spray arm. Before and after each use, the spray arm cleans itself. Shower toilets are, therefore, the most hygienic and enjoyable option for washing one’s body after using the restroom.

Several shower-toilet models can be individually set up using the SensoWash® software that is connected to them, or they can optionally be controlled in the conventional manner using a remote control. In addition, user profiles can be loaded at any moment for specific users.

Quality of life is improved for all generations with shower toilets. Shower toilets allow older individuals and those whose movement is temporarily or permanently limited to maintain their personal hygiene. They don’t need to expend any physical effort to clean their private areas. Additionally, they are independent because they do not have to rely on others.

Some great highlights of the shower-toilets are:

  • Shower-toilets are the new default
  • Freshness and cleanliness for everyday
  • Technical finishing touches and customisation
  • Timeless design and seamless integration
  • Independence for people with limited mobility

The Freshest Taste

For those who like the pure flavour of still water, GROHE Blue® Pure is an alternative option. It transforms regular tap water into fresh water by filtering out all the contaminants that could affect its flavour using the specialised GROHE Blue® filter technology.

The tap features two distinct internal waterways—one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water—and is finished in GROHE StarLight® chrome. This means that those who like ambient, still, and completely carbonated water need not sacrifice the exquisite taste of water from a GROHE Blue® water system.

With only a few simple steps, the GROHE Blue® filter cartridge can purify up to 600 litres of water. It provides a clean, refreshing taste sensation without any traces of limescale, chlorine, or heavy metals.

Love at First Touch

The Minta collection from GROHE is modern and minimalist, with smooth curves and arcs that will never go out of style and are the ideal addition to any modern kitchen. With Minta Touch, the tap from the Minta series that incorporates GROHE’s EasyTouch technology, you can now add the ultimate in ease and cleanliness. In addition, Minta Touch puts you in charge by enabling you to control the water flow with only a touch of your arm.

A pre-mixed water choice, touch-activated water temperature adjustment and a touch-activated cleaning mode are all part of the GROHE Touch functionality (by touching the tap for 8 seconds). Additionally, when the spout is touched to move, the tap does not mistakenly activate.

Turn on the Heat

Don’t repeat the unpleasant experience of using a damp towel; be kind to yourself and stop. By keeping your towels warm and dry all year long, Bathroom Butler heated towel rails ensure that you enjoy the bathing experience even more.

  • Reduce water use and electricity use
    Used bath towels should often be washed immediately to prevent bacterial growth, increasing water and energy usage. Using a heated towel rack from Bathroom Butler to dry your bath towels after each use is a smarter solution that will result in less laundry and water conservation.
  • A design feature that uses less wall space
    It will take less room than you would have imagined to make a heated towel rail the focal point of your bathroom. Towels on heated towel rails should be folded twice to save space, trap heat, and dry hygienically, as opposed to towels on non-heated rails, which should be totally unfolded to try air drying.
  • Hygienically Dry
    When your bath towels don’t dry completely, germs and bacteria accumulate, giving them a musty, wet scent. The bacterial load is reduced by up to 90% when drying your towel on a heated towel rail from Bathroom Butler, making the after-shower search for a clean towel a simple delight.
  • Energy Efficient
    Dry Element Technology, or DET, is used by Bathroom Butler heated towel rails to provide faster heat-up times, reaching the ideal temperature in just one minute. They are also inexpensive to operate because an average-sized heated rail uses the same amount of power as one light bulb.

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