The easiest and most cost-effective way to transform what was once a dull and depthless space is with paint. Whether you’re trying to make a feature stand out or fade into the background, paint gives you the means to do just that. It doesn’t end with colour either; the finish of your paint can also make a difference to both the price and the end result. We’ve put together a few reasons why you should use the trendy matte finish paint in your home.

Matte finish paints are surprisingly durable and can even be used in areas that experience high humidity (much like Durban). A wall with gloss sheen would show scratches and nicks a lot more than with a matte finish. Your walls will appear smooth and mark-free.

2.Provide a Backdrop
A matte finish looks unbelievably soft and smooth and provides the perfect backdrop to your art pieces. This doesn’t mean that certain fixtures in your home can’t be considered works of art; take the KOHLER Artist Editions™ for example.

3.Bold Made Easy
A glossy sheen can make a bold colour look over the top and gaudy, while matte softens a bolder hue.

4.High in Pigment
As matte paints are very high in pigment you’ll get a high amount of coverage no matter the colour you choose.

5.Create Depth
By mixing sheen and matte finishes you will be adding depth to your room. You can even mix things up by creating stripes with alternating finishes on your walls.

We love the freedom that the matte finish brings to the table for interior design. Try it and see how it can transform your space. To stay up-to-date on our latest blogs and trends make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.