Why not make 2019 the year of change? If you have been eyeing parts of your house that you want to change, perhaps this guide will help you make the right decisions about renovating your home. 

  • Have a look at those kitchen cabinets
    Has the flaky paint or bedraggled wood on your kitchen cabinets been on your mind for a while now? Maybe it’s time to do something about them! Part of renovating your home should include your kitchen cabinets since they are the major focal point in a kitchen, and even the smallest changes can and will have a major impact on the general aesthetic of your kitchen. Start with a subtle, functional update by replacing all old hardware with modern metal accents. Then move on to fresh coats of paint to infuse a new design appeal that is felt throughout the kitchen. 
  • Make natural lighting a priority
    Natural lighting has the power to completely revolutionise a space. If there are certain spots in your home that have the potential to allow natural light to pour in but are obstructed, think about repurposing the obstructive furniture so that you can take full advantage of natural light. 
  • Make use of statement rugs
    Often people underestimate the power of eye-catching rugs and this should be on your list when renovating your home. A bright carpet on a hardwood floor can completely change the entire look and feel of a room! 
  • Create the bathroom of your dreams
    When it comes to renovating your home, your bathroom should definitely not take a backseat. When creating the bathroom of your dreams, think about things like a freestanding bath from Victoria + Albert or a modern Duravit vanity. There is certainly no compromising when your bathroom is in question. 

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