Whether we like to think about it or not, every living thing on this planet produces some sort of waste. As children, we all went through a phase where we were fascinated with poop and it’s rather sad that we grow out of that. Poop is a part of our daily lives and can give us important clues to our physical well-being. We should all be talking more about poop! Breaking down these poop taboos, are a series of museums dedicated to the smelly subject. Here are some of our favourites:

The United States is home to the Poozeum, a fascinating collection of fossilized poop, or coprolites for those of us who prefer the more scientific term. This museum is home to the world’s largest fossilized dinosaur poop, a massive 9.28kg, 67cm long T-Rex poo named Barnum. 

Another museum dedicated to this smelly necessity of life is based on the Isle Of Wight  The National Poo Museum houses a large collection of poop, both animal and human.  The museum aims to use their extensive excrement exhibit to engage and entertain their visitors while educating them and changing the public perception of poop.  

Now, from the educational the to the utterly ridiculous! Asia is home to not one, but two crazy poo museums. These are nothing like their western counterparts.  They’re colourful, loud and totally over the top. 

Tokyo’s poo museum is called Unko Museum and is described as a poo themed amusement space. Say goodbye to gross brown poop. Here everything is cute and colourful, with different zones offering a range of activities. There’s a room dedicated to taking selfies with poop themed displays, a ball pit filled with plush baby poops and an art gallery showcasing poop drawn by celebrities! Once you have taken in the displays dedicated to poop collectables from around the world, and the interactive games room, you can head to the gift shop to buy a cuddly poop to take home.

Last on our crappy world tour is Poo Poo Land in South Korea. This poop themed park invites you to explore and create memories with their mascots, Ssari the friendly poop and Mari the pet toilet paper. Poopoo Land has an amazing photo zone where you can pose in a number of poop themed spots. Once you’ve had your fill with poop photo ops, you can take a walk through the digestive maze. Entering through a huge mouth, you will walk through the oesophagus, stomach and intestines, filled with different obstacles, before exiting through a door that looks suspiciously like a dog’s rear end. The final attraction at PooPoo Land is the poo party! There’s a dance club, VR experiences and even more photo opportunities.  An Instagrammers dream!

And that’s it for our poop round up. Which are you adding to your bucket list?