Black and white tiles in your bathroom

When we say black and white tiles, your first thought may be of those large checked patterns that you often see in American diners (although we have nothing against this pattern at all). You may choose to go with this style as it is so easy to decorate and makes a bold statement.

However, there are infinite variations of black and white tile patterns that will make your bathroom stand out from the rest. You could have black and white tiles on the border of your bathroom floor or on the walls, and the patterns you can choose from are limitless. Try adding a Duravit Ketho vanity for extra class.



Black and white bathroom walls

Who says you had to leave your walls plain and to let the decoration do the talking? We are moving away from the idea that you can be bold and brave with everything but your walls, so step out of your comfort zone a little. Go for a black and white wallpaper or even find a black decal to put on a white wall. The Lavello 114 from Victoria + Albert Baths against a white wall is a fabulous addition, too. The beauty of black and white is that you can play around with combinations and patterns forever!


Bold black baths

Let’s step away from the classic big white Victorian bath and focus on something a little different, and something that makes a statement. The Barcelona from Victoria + Albert Baths in black will make anyone’s eyes widen – it is guaranteed to add that ‘wow’ factor to any bathroom that has it missing. The contrast between this bath and sleek, white floor tiles will make it a bathroom that no one will forget.

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