May is the month when we are reminded of how great our Moms are and how much they do for us. Moms are practically magical beings with everything they manage to do around the house to make our lives easier. So why not make Mom’s life easier for a change? We will be highlighting some fantastic gifts you can get your Mom to help make her life simpler.

GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling

It is essential to make sure always to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, some people do not enjoy drinking tap water for various reasons. One of the main reasons is the taste of tap water. With GROHE Blue®, you will have instant access to freshly filtered and chilled water straight out of the tap. In addition, the GROHE filters eliminate impurities, helping to enhance the taste of the water.

What really makes this product stand out is that you can also get chilled and sparkling water straight out of the tap. But that is not all! You can also determine how sparkling you would like your water to be. The technology of this product is amazing and is simply a must-have for any kitchen.

GROHE FootControl

Picture Mom in the kitchen, rushing around preparing dinner for the family. Generally, when cooking, there is also a lot of hand washing. Having to constantly open and close taps with dirty hands can be messy. GROHE understands the struggle, and they have developed GROHE FootControl. This is a wonderful invention. You get to open and close the taps with a gentle tap of your foot on the base unit. This helps to leave your hands free and your taps clean.

GROHE FootControl comes standard with three of their most popular taps, but don’t let that deter you. This excellent product can be retrofitted to any GROHE pull-out kitchen tap. This allows the freedom to choose any style tap you want to fit your décor.

Bathroom Butler Heated Towel Rail

When most people think of heated towel rails, they imagine nice warm towels. But it is so much more than that. A heated towel rail can help you use less water and save on electricity. Used towels should typically be washed after every use to reduce bacterial build-up. The smart alternative is to use a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail to dry your bath towels after every use, saving water and electricity with less washing. Don’t you think Mom will be pleased to have less laundry to do?

Germs and bacteria can build up on your bath towels when they don’t dry correctly, causing a damp, musty smell. Drying your towel on a heated towel rail reduces the number of potential bacteria by up to 90%. So not only do you get warm towels, but you also get hygienically clean towels.

These heated towel rails use Dry Element Technology, ensuring quicker heating up time. The optimum temperature is reached within 10 minutes. With the wattage of the average size heated rail being the same as a single light bulb, they don’t cost much to run either, making them really energy efficient.

Duravit Mirrors with Lighting

Duravit has brought out a range of mirrors with built-in lighting. This is truly an excellent concept. With this in the bathroom, it will undoubtedly help make Mom’s life easier. No more getting ready in the mornings in a poorly lit bathroom. You can choose from three different variations depending on your design, functionality, and comfort requirements.

The ambient light provides pleasant indirect light from all four sides of the mirror. The wallwash effect helps to give the room an atmospheric radiance. This mirror does not have direct light falling on the person standing in front of the mirror; therefore, this mirror may need additional lighting such as downlights.

This mirror has a light field at the top edge, providing direct illumination to the person standing in front of it.

Here are two light fields on the mirror’s left and right edges that provide direct illumination. In addition, a specifically created deflector profile provides consistent and bright light.

Duravit Sensowash

Nothing is as methodical, sanitary, natural, and invigorating as cleaning with water. Therefore, Duravit introduced their shower-toilet. What may you ask is a shower-toilet? It is a toilet and bidet rolled into one. It has been proven that cleaning with water is far more effective and hygienic than cleaning with toilet paper. Duravit’s shower-toilet is known as SensoWash®. They have a ground-breaking range of high-quality shower-toilets that meet every modern bathroom prerequisite – hygienic cleanliness, high operating comfort, and a sustainable design.

The wonders of this product do not end there. The SensoWash® shower function can be adjusted for rearwash or ladywash. It also has a warm air dryer to dry you off after washing. The toilet comes with built-in descaling and odour control. The seat is heated for those cold winter nights, and the inner bowl is illuminated.

Imagine how much easier this would make Mom’s life!

 Franke’s Pot Filler

The fresh design and meticulous workmanship make Franke’s Pot Filler ideal for when Mom is busy cooking in the kitchen. In addition, the Pot Filler features a level of functionality and performance that maximises its usability in the kitchen. For example, it has a 180-degree spout swivel range that provides great reach and rotation for filling large pots on stovetops. This really does make cooking so much more convenient.

You can buy Mom many gifts to help make her life easier, ranging from products to help out in the kitchen to products that are handy in the bathroom. Remember, every day can be Mother’s Day.