Humans are creatures of comfort.

Given the choice of a luxurious bathroom or your run-of-the-mill standard issue – we would all go for something a little special. And why not? Women love wallowing in a mile of scented bubbles, and our men-folk revel in a revitalising jet of hot water from a futuristic shower head.

So why settle for less?

Creating a luxurious space doesn’t need to cost the earth. All you need to feed your imagination are a few creative tips from the Richmond team, and our amazing array of bathroom products to craft something special. Why not start with a classical luxury bathroom and enjoy the sumptuous space and gentle ambience of yesteryear?

While your bathroom may be for relaxing, the same isn’t always true for your kitchen. As the centre of the home, it needs to be fast and functional. Not all of us have a big kitchen space, though, so we’ve put together 5 simple ways to make more space in a tiny kitchen.

We’d love to help you with your next project – whether it’s a total kitchen revamp, or simply a few changes to a little bathroom. Call in and talk to one of our team. We have everything you need.