Bigger is better, size matters…when it comes to bragging about dimensions, small things tend to get a raw deal. Especially when it comes to bathrooms. Decor and design magazines and websites are full of ideas for, and images of, large, luxurious bathrooms that are so big they could actually do double duty as a day spa. Those of us with smaller spaces end up with the bathroom blues, convinced that our proportionally-poor powder rooms are, somehow, inherently inferior. But be sad no more! We have some amazing small bathroom design ideas that are big on genius and small on space.

Initially, small bathrooms might seem too challenging a design task to tackle. But with a few creative tweaks and clever storage hacks, a beautiful yet functional bathroom can be yours! Here are a few great design ideas to transform your small space from cramped and chaotic to a sanctuary of space-saving serenity.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas You Can Really Use


Adore Your Door

If you have a small bathroom, finding enough wall space to put a towel rail can be a challenge. Especially if the bathroom is used by several people, each of whom needs somewhere to hang their towel. So why not make use of the largely unutilised space behind the door? Get rid of the manky robe that’s been hanging there since Aunt Mavis came to visit and instead, attach two or three attractive towel rails. You probably won’t even have to do any drilling, making this a job even the most non-DIY-minded person can do.



Is It A Bath, Is It A Shower?

Few small bathrooms have room for both a shower and a bath. You can still enjoy the best of both worlds, however, by installing a showerhead and mixer system over your bath. The key here, though, is to avoid flooding your bathroom floor every time you shower! Instead of using a shower curtain for this purpose, try sliding glass doors that slide along the rim of the bath. They not only create a more upmarket feel, they also help make a small bathroom look bigger. Kohler has a great choice of frameless sliding shower doors to add big style to your small space.



Wall And All

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Counter space is always at a premium in small bathrooms. You may not even have space for a vanity, and if you do, it’s scarcely big enough for your toothbrush glass. Wall-mounted storage is the perfect answer to the question of where to store all those bathroom essentials. You can be extremely creative here, depending on how much wall space you have. If you can’t fit in a traditional bathroom cabinet, try a spice rack! They’re shallow, and have a lot of handy holes for bathroom bits! Floating shelves are also perfect for adding functional, yet elegant storage.


A Narrow Escape

If you only have a pedestal sink in your small bathroom, making the most of the space you have is the secret to savvy storage. Tall, narrow cabinets are perfect for squeezing into those “funny” spaces where “normal” cabinets won’t fit. They take advantage of your bathroom’s height to maximise storage in a minimal space.

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What About A Wet Room?

If you have a really small bathroom, or you simply feel like creating a Zen-like, spa feel, you could do away with a traditional bathroom and put in a wet room instead. Wet rooms are very popular in Europe, where small bathrooms are the norm, but they’re gaining momentum in South Africa too. Wet rooms have many advantages, not least of which is that they’re easy to clean because you don’t have to worry about a shower screen or tray. And if you opt for a wall-hung sink and toilet, cleaning is easier still. Kohler has a beautiful range that’s perfect for small bathrooms. They also have an amazing selection of luxurious, wall-mounted showerheads – proof that just because you have to go small on space, doesn’t mean you have to go small on luxury and style.

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