2017 brings with it a fresh start and a whole new set of interior design trends to try and love. The first of many for the year is: Jewel Tones.

Pastels have had their days in 2016 and now it’s time to forget about boring greys and beiges as well. Now is the time to try something bolder and sophisticated. Emerald greens, ruby reds, sapphire blues and amethyst purples can make any space appear romantic and dreamy. We love this trend and put together a few ways to use these jewel tones in your design:

1.With Metallics
There’s no better pair than jewels and metallics. Bathrooms become unbelievably luxurious and romantic with a feature jewel toned wall or accessories paired with metallic finishes. We love the Victoria + Albert Roxburgh tub with gilded lions paw feet for this trend.

2.As a Feature
Your lounge suite doesn’t have to be brown or black anymore, try embracing this trend with a jewel toned sofa or occasional chair to make a statement.

3.To Accessorise
Adding pops of jewel tones to your room is simple with scatter cushions or even vases. You’d be surprised at what just a pop of these luxurious hues can do to change the mood and the tone of a room.

4.As Art
By having jewel tones incorporated into your space through artwork you get the ability to move things around if you feel they’d be better suited in another room or place.

Experiment with these 4 ways above and see what works best for you and your space. Don’t be afraid to let go of those pastels and neutrals and embrace what’s new. Visit your nearest Richmond Store to find the perfect plumbing and sanitary ware items to compliment this trend in your space