victoria and albert freestanding bath in grey

Image:, featuring a Victoria and Albert freestanding bath

After covering the biggest 2020 bathroom trends in our last blog, such as concrete bathrooms, biophilia, freestanding bathroom basins and textured flooring, we thought we’d hone in on the freshest colours of the year to complement these trends. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see at the turn of this new decade:

  • Blush is big

  • Blues are bolder

  • Greys are here to stay

  • Burnt orange is hot on the scene

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Now, let’s take a closer look at 2020 kitchen and bathroom colour trends!


Blush Pink

2020 colour trends, pink and grey kitchen

Image courtesy of Ruslan Kovalchuk, Mariya Chmut and Stephen Tsimbalyuk


2020 colour trends, pink basin

Image:, featuring a Victoria and Albert pink basin

Blush pink started to trickle into the design scene last year, but now it’s in full flow. Whether you want to go big and paint this bashful shade all over your kitchen cabinets or bathroom walls or want to be subtle about it and highlight a few key areas of your kitchen, this soft, romantic hue will gracefully transform your space.

On a side note, we’ve noticed that the combination of pink and grey is wildly popular this year. So, if you’d like to create a bit of contrast or add more depth to your kitchen design, then this pairing is a hit.


Shades of Grey

2020 colours, grey kitchen cabinets

Image courtesy of AlgustoMasterbuilders

dark grey toilet, 2020 bathroom colour trends

Image:, featuring a Duravit toilet

duravit, dark grey, colour trends 2020

Image:, featuring Duravit L-Cube furniture

Although grey is a neutral that won’t quickly fade out of favour, 2020 kitchen and bathroom colour trends are revealing new and interesting ways to play with this classic colour. From concrete textures to monochromatic palettes, there are plenty of ways to incorporate whichever shade of grey you like into your home.


Bold Blues


2020 colour trends, blue

Image: HGTV Canada

Image:, featuring the Duravit LUV Vanity

Cool blues are so last decade! This new decade comes with a new, bold attitude and leans towards using royal and navy blues in the kitchen or bathroom. To temper this dramatic hue, you’d do well to mix in some cool whites.


Burnt Orange

duravit, 2020 kitchen trends, orange


orange and grey kitchen

Image courtesy of Design A Space Kitchens, Bedrooms and Interiors

Image:, featuring a Victoria and Albert freestanding bath

Keeping in line with the bold attitude of 2020 colour trends, burnt orange has moved to the centre stage of bathroom and kitchen design. If you’re looking to heat up your home interiors, then a lick of this warm, energetic colour may just do the trick. But be warned, this colour can quickly become overpowering, which is why it’s a good idea to balance it with a fair portion of classic white or grey midtones.

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