The modern bathroom is not merely a practical space, but the home’s hub of relaxation and indulgence. This is where our morning rituals of refreshment begin, and bathrooms are a haven for a luxurious retreat at the end of a busy day. Trending designs are currently inspired by the tranquillity of the natural elements to create the ultimate sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation.


Here is how you can harness the vitality of nature to transform your bathroom into a fresh and fragrant oasis.


Light – the impact of having too little or too much 

Good lighting is crucial, and it is important to find a balance of natural light in a bathroom brightness that illuminates your bathroom but is not overwhelmingly glaring. A dimly lit room is not going to stimulate your senses or offset feelings of alertness and positivity, but a stark shine can give the room a sterile, clinical feeling that puts you on edge. Strive for soft lighting that radiates tranquillity and casts an uplifting glow through the room.


Natural lighting possesses a unique warmth that is idyllic in environmentally inspired spaces. There is no exact science when recreating natural light, but we recommend using a yellow tinted bulb so that the beams of light resemble rays of sunshine. Another option is to strategically place mirrors to catch the light pouring through the window and reflect it around the bathroom space, minimising the need for harsh artificial lights.


Water – the driving force of all nature 

A water feature epitomises natural harmony and can bring additional organic accents to your bathroom sanctuary. A freestanding bath, walk-in rain shower or iconic basin are all subtle yet sophisticated ways to elicit a Zen atmosphere and elemental elegance.


Texture – bringing the outside in

Nature’s sensory experiences are a gift – the feeling of our toes on green grass, the earthiness of the ground, and the smell in the air after a summer rain. While difficult to replicate, we can borrow ideas that embody these organic textures. Incorporate pebbles into your contemporary décor to denote an essence of spa-like serenity.

texture to create a natural bathroom


colours for a natural bathroom Colour – mimicking the hues of nature

Vibrant colours are not necessarily soothing colours, whereas a muted palette is both calming and versatile, meaning that your bathroom will never go out of style.


Colour psychology is an important aspect to consider because colours set the tone of a room. For example, hues of orange or yellow add an air of warmth to your bathroom’s design and evoke energy and confidence – ideal for your morning routine. Similarly, shades of green are colours of nature and peace and can induce feelings of happiness and comfort. Keep in mind the effect colours will have on you when deciding.


A bathroom of Zen-like serenity needs pieces that will complement it and this is where we can step in. Call us for your next bathroom project!