Being ordinary is boring, so is having an ordinary home full of items you neither love nor hate. You should never accept the ordinary, which is why Franke strives to make everything wonderful. Wonderful turns a place into a home and transforms work into play. From the first impression of a carefully thought design to manufacturing standards that ensure you can feel the quality and craftsmanship of every piece, every Franke product tries to be excellent in every way.

Maris Sink in Fragranite

The exquisite Fragranite Maris sink gives your kitchen a natural appearance and stands out for its elegance. The finished Fragranite has a light sheen and a welcoming feel. The surface has a delicate texture yet is not porous, guaranteeing a high level of cleanliness. A 90mm basket strainer waste fitting and 90mm basket strainer waste fitting with overflow kit are included.

Ronda Sink in Fragranite

The latest collection of Ronda prep bowls features a tap landing and is made of ground-breaking Fragranite material. They are intended for inset installation. Sanitized® treatment, combined with the surface’s extreme toughness, prevents 99% of bacterial and microbial growth. In addition, this bowl’s circular shape makes it ideal for small design spaces. The ROG610-41 is produced in Slovakia and comes in Stone Grey, Black, and Polar White. In addition, a 90mm basket strainer waste fitting and overflow kit are included.

Franke Atlas Neo Sensor Mixer

The brand-new Atlas Neo Sensor is the best touchless kitchen mixer for preventing the spread of germs and offers considerable environmental advantages. Fill pans, rinse veggies, and wash your hands without touching the tap — and without wasting water. It is not only hands-free but also manually operable. The Atlas Neo Sensor, made from solid premium stainless steel, offers long-lasting value and a fashionable yet timeless design that defies fads and time. It satisfies today’s standards for hygiene, sustainability, and convenience.

Franke Active Plus Mixer

The Active Plus 2.0 is a modern-looking mixer with an upgraded design that offers top-notch performance, convenience, and incredibly low water use. To harmonise with the rest of the tap, the pin of the handle and the entire body of the spout are now all matte white or matte black. For customers looking for the newest trends in kitchen design as well as for those who enjoy cooking, the Active Plus 2.0 is the ideal choice.

Franke Neptune Mixer

Enjoy the convenience of filtered hot, and cold water from a single tap. Before the filter needs to be changed, the Franke Neptune Clearwater Swivel Sink Mixer in Black can filter 11,350 litres of water.

Enjoy having filtered water available at all times in your kitchen. It saves space by eliminating the need for two separate mixers; one tap can supply hot, cold, and filtered water.

Zip HydroTap

The Zip HydroTap G5 allows you to enjoy pure-tasting boiling, cooled, and sparkling water pouring with the lightest touch.

The HydroTap G5 offers a sleek design, smooth operation, and the most cutting-edge technology. It also has SteriTouch® for improved hygiene and more individualised settings. So it is not only water but also water at its finest.

You’ll find yourself drinking more due to the design’s flawless balancing act of excellent quality and exceptional convenience. With Zip HydroTap, you may choose from one exquisitely designed system that immediately boils, chills, and bubbles water at the touch of a button.

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