When we think of bathrooms, we often associate the light and airy aspect to them, rather than a dark and bold look, but dark and dreamy is becoming more popular, and it’s easy to see why.

Take a look at this bathroom below for example – isn’t is just gorgeous?


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The beautiful wood set against the deep blue colour looks incredible. Mixed together with hues of white or marble, this would be an eye-catching bathroom for any home.

Dark and dreamy bathroom fixtures are also an amazing way to give your bathroom that chic look. Get your hands on the gorgeous Derring collection from Kohler or their glam, sleek new black products range. Find more inspiration from Kohler here.

Black is the new black – it is bold, brave and brilliant.


Obtaining a dark and dreamy bathroom doesn’t need to be hugely expensive. You can add simple touches of black or darker shades to your bathroom to bring in the dark look. Add a dark mosaic mirror above your basin, or paint a deep blue feature wall. Bring in some black vases and bathroom accessories for simple, subtle dark elements.

Get creative and you will find that there are cost-effective ways to give your bathroom the dark and dreamy look that has become so popular of late.

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