The Victorian era is characterised by a timeless beauty, one that we are celebrating and reviving in 2019. A Victorian bathroom embodies a sense of elegance, refinement and dignity, all of which can be recreated in your home.


First thing’s first: a stunning standalone tub

The Victorian era gave the world many pearls of stylistic wisdom, one of the most precious being the allure and elegance of a standalone bathtub. A Victorian bathroom would not be complete without this exquisite, proud centrepiece to ignite a bygone era of romance and opulence. We have two breathtaking bathtubs on offer to make your journey to the Victorian era complete.

  • The Shropshire by Victoria + Albert Baths boasts the ultimate authentic Victorian style for your bathroom with its perfect lines.
  • Warwick by DADO Baths has a classic style with Victorian-style ball-and-claw feet.

These baths will bring an essence of luxury and tranquillity to your bathroom – the key ingredients for Victorian charm. Fill your bath with scented bubbles at the end of the day for a truly blissful experience.

creating a Victorian bathroom

Choose the right mixers

While the Victorian style bathtub will lay the foundation for your design inspiration, the aesthetic can be emphasised further through delicate trimmings. Although the advent of showers preceded the Victorian era, with an imaginative eye it is possible to incorporate a shower into your bathroom by carefully selecting one that mirrors the Victorian theme. The beautiful wooden sleeve of the ISCA hand shower from the Antica range encompasses an antique aura that will enhance the Victorian essence of your bathroom.


Similarly, there is no reason to forfeit a basin mixer when creating a Victorian style bathroom. Carefully select a basin that reflects the curvature of your bathtub to achieve a harmonious link between the two. Avoid sharp edges and clean lines when surveying the options as these will clash with the delicate Victorian aesthetic.

Pay careful attention to the rest of your bathroom’s finishes

Remember to keep the finishes in your bathroom, such as the floor and countertops, subtle in order to capture a natural balance between these and the dramatic ball-and-claw feet of your bath and antique hand shower. A white or cream coloured tile will tie the room together, but light wooden floorboards are truly reminiscent of the Victorian era and well worth considering. Your bathroom will be the haven you have always dreamed of as you embrace the grace of the Victorian era with your design.


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