Protect your family this Winter

Cold and flu season is enough to fill anyone with dread, and with the added risk of Covid-19 hanging over us like a dark cloud, proper hygiene is more important than ever. Keeping your bathroom clean is a vital part of your defence against germs and yet this high-traffic area is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to keep truly clean. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and your family safe.

Keep your bathroom dry

Germs, mold and mildew like nothing more than a damp warm environment to fester in. Crack a window, leave the door open or install an extractor fan to ensure your bathroom is kept fresh and dry. Keep a squeegee in the bathroom to wipe down the shower and tiles after you’re done, and don’t forget to stretch out the shower curtain so it can dry properly. 

Upgrade your towel rack

No one wants a damp towel and they can be breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty things. Amp up your bathroom hygiene by installing a longer towel rail so your towels can be spread out to dry better. If you really want to take this to the next level, take a look at our Bathroom Butler. These heated towel racks use unique Dry Element Technology to not only keep your towels toasty but also keeps them dry, preventing your towels from becoming host to germs, bacteria and fungi.

Floss your Faucet (tap)

Yes, we really mean it! Dental floss is the perfect way to properly clean that little gap between the base of the faucet or taps and the sink where grime and mold can build up. Surprisingly, the bathroom sink and faucet can contain the same amount of bacteria as the toilet bowl, so while you’re flossing the taps, pour some baking soda and vinegar down the drain and then flush with warm water. 

Air out your bath mat

Cupedis Antimicrobial Copper Mats

Cupedis Antimicrobial Copper Mats

Bath mats should be washed every couple of weeks. If left to sit on the floor, soggy and ignored, they can cause all sorts of revolting issues, including the dreaded athlete’s foot. Hang your bath mat outside to air every few days to prevent this, or, even better, trade it in for one of these incredible CuPedis Antimicrobial Copper Mats ( Available at our showrooms in Glenashley & Ballito. This revolutionary technology uses the natural, passive antimicrobial nature of copper to kill bacteria and viruses efficiently in about four hours.

Keep your cleaning tools clean

We all know that we need to scrub the toilet regularly, but have you remembered to clean the toilet brush and holder? Here’s how: place the brush handle between the toilet seat and the basin (which you have just cleaned) so that it hovers over the bowl; pour bleach over the bristles. Let stand for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water. Next, fill the brush canister with warm, soapy water and let sit; then discard the dirty water in the toilet. Without this deep clean, your toilet brush could be spreading more bacteria than it’s cleaning up.

If you follow these easy steps and make sure to clean your bathroom as you use it to stop the mess from getting out of hand, you are well on the way to ensuring that you and your loved ones stay healthy this winter and beyond. 

Do you have a favourite bathroom cleaning hack you rely on? We would love to hear about it in the comments!