There comes a time in every home’s lifespan when the kitchen and bathroom taps may need replacing. In the current economic climate, it’s understandable to want to try reducing any home upgrades as far as possible. Still, old and damaged taps can do more damage to your home if left unattended. They can also lead to high water bills if they begin to leak, which you definitely want to avoid when trying to monitor costs.

What are some of the common signs that it’s officially time to replace your kitchen or bathroom taps?


Even a small amount of water dripping from your basin taps means that the parts inside your tap are corroded or damaged, and the tap no longer fully serves its purpose in your home. Apart from costly water bills, leaking taps can lead to water stains in basins and could cause more severe water damage in your home if left unattended.

Low Water Pressure

If you previously had great water pressure out of your basin or bath taps and recently have noticed a considerably lower water pressure – it could be time to replace your taps. Clogged aerators or limescale build-up can result in low water pressure from your taps. Unfortunately, chemicals are not particularly effective in removing mineral build-up and blocked taps can result in the build-up extending further into the piping within your walls.

Loose Closing Mechanism

Are you finding that you have to close your taps tighter and tighter after each use to ensure they are properly closed? This is because the washers in your tap are likely worn – these can easily be replaced. Still, eventually, the entire tap will need to be replaced as the washers will continue to wear with lower-quality replacements.


Taps that are cracked, stained, or rusted and have stiff handles are in need of a swift replacement. These taps are unsightly and unhealthy, as the lead and copper from the taps may leach into the water as it passes through them – this is especially true in the case of very old taps.

Tap Noise

Clunking, chattering, or whistling are not noises you want to hear from your tap. These could be signs of blocked or cracked taps or, even worse, faulty parts within the tap. Consider any noise coming from your taps as a warning sign before things are about to really malfunction!

It’s always advisable to consult your plumber or professional should you be experiencing any of the above problems with your household taps. Still, very often, a tap replacement is in order.

What to consider when choosing replacement taps for your home?


It’s 2023, and there are many styles of taps to choose from! There are bathroom mixer taps and kitchen mixer taps that are either deck-mounted, wall-mounted, or basin-mounted. One of the easiest ways to replace your kitchen and bathroom taps on a budget is to replace them with something similar in style and functionality to what you had previously. The Cobra Nile range of taps is an unforgettable collection of basin and sink mixers that will complement any bathroom or kitchen style.


When replacing your existing taps, you want to ensure that the money you are spending will be worthwhile in the long run. You want to invest in high-quality taps that will last as long as possible and not show signs of corrosion. Opt for taps with a warranty to ensure their quality and durability. Cobra PureShine provides a long-lasting surface finish that protects our taps from scratches and is resistant to dirt, making Cobra taps easy to maintain.


Are you looking for single lever taps where the water temperature is controlled with the handle moving from right to left and the water flow is regulated by moving the lever up and down, or would you prefer a screw-down tap that has two handles on the left and right to regulate the water flow? Does your kitchen mixer tap need to swivel or have a spray functionality? Choosing how you want your taps to function is vital to selecting the correct replacement taps for your home.

Water Pressure

The last thing you want to do is replace your taps and experience water pressure issues. So, ensuring that your replacement taps cater to low water pressure circumstances is important. Our Cobra Amazon basin and sink mixer taps are fitted with pressure-compensating flow restrictors to ensure a flowing water supply at all times.

Water Conservation

Just as you don’t want to have a hidden water leak as it can amount to costly water bills, you also want to ensure that your taps are created for water conservation without compromising on water flow quality. Cobra Zambezi single lever basin and sink mixers are fitted with 3.6 litres per minute flow restrictors to help you save water without even thinking about it.

Replacing the taps in your home with high-quality, durable, and stylish taps doesn’t need to be a costly experience.

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