January is a time for fresh starts and setting intentions. When you’re busy planning your goals for 2022, don’t forget to include your home! As your go-to kitchen & bathroom plumbing, taps and sanitaryware specialists, we thought we would put together a list of resolutions pertaining to these essential parts of your house.

1. Go Green!
Make 2022 the year that you’re kinder to the planet and work towards reducing your household’s environmental impact. We don’t just mean recycling. Even the fixtures you fit on your kitchen sink can make a difference to your carbon footprint. Read more about Grohe Water System’s revolutionary Red and Blue technology here.

2. Avoid a DIY Disaster.
We know there’s a YouTube tutorial for everything these days, but some skills can’t be passed on with a few videos. So, when you decide to renovate, leave the technical stuff to the experts, or you could end up incurring an even bigger bill when you have to call them in to fix the disaster you inadvertently created. You can find more of our thoughts on renovations in this blog post.

3. Keep up With the Trends, But Don’t Over-commit to Them.
Dated design, particularly in the kitchen, can lower the value of your house considerably, so it’s important to keep your home looking fresh by keeping up with design trends. Just remember to maintain balance so that when the current “in thing” is on its way out, you can update your room easily enough. We love keeping the bones of a room classic and adding one or two elements like statement taps or one wall of colour to keep the look fresh. 

4. Keep Your House Clean and Your Family Safe.
After the last two years, everyone knows what a vital role cleanliness plays in preserving your loved one’s health. This year, take it one step further with a CuPedic Antimicrobial Bath Mat. This revolutionary technology uses the natural, passive antimicrobial nature of copper to kill bacteria and viruses efficiently in about four hours. You can purchase one for your bathroom at our showrooms in Glenashley and Ballito.

5. Make Your Space Your Sanctuary.
We’ve spent more time in our own homes than ever before since March 2020, and this has taught us that we need to feel comfortable in our house. So, lean into this even more in 2022 and surround yourself with things that make you happy. Take time out to luxuriate in a power bath or gather the family in your kitchen to cook a favourite meal. 

We are so looking forward to welcoming you into our showrooms this year. Happy New Year, and may all of your 2022 bathroom and kitchen dreams come true.